Maintenance Guide

Advanced Steering and Mechanical recommend performing the following checks on your vehicle every Sunday morning (or once a week, while the engine is cold).

  • Check cooling system – radiator/overflow bottle
  • Check engine oil – make sure the oil level is on the full indicator
  • Check automatic transmission oil (where applicable)
  • Check operation of lights, wipers, horn etc
  • Check all tyres are inflated to the manufacturers specifications
  • Check the spare tyre is inflated to the manufacturers specifications
  • Make sure the windscreen is clean

e-Rego checks

What is a Pink Slip?

In short a pink slip inspection report verifies your car is safe and ready for the road. It is required in New South Wales for your vehicle to be inspected, as a condition of registration renewal, if it is more than three years old.

They have now been renamed: e-Safety Checks, which are sent to the RTA electronically.

If your vehicle PASSES a Pink Slip / e-Safety Check:

  1. Your mechanic electronically sends the safety check report to the RTA.
  2. Purchase a green slip (mandatory insurance).
  3. Renew your rego online, by mail, phone or your nearest MVR.

If your vehicle FAILS a Pink Slip / e-Safety Check:

  1. Your mechanic will issue a ‘repairs needed report’.
  2. Repairs will need to be made by the mechanic or another of your choosing.
  3. Have the repairs checked (if repairs are carried out by a Repco Authorised Service mechanic this will happen automatically).
  4. Once the repairs have been checked and the report cleared, your vehicle can be registered.

Wheel Alignments

In simple terms, a wheel alignment is the measurement, analysis and adjustment of your vehicle’s steering and suspension angles to ensure the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

A wheel alignment is a key maintenance factor to ensure that you get the best wear and performance out of your tyres.

A regular wheel alignment provides safe vehicle control plus a smooth and comfortable ride free of pulling or vibration. It also extends your tyre’s mileage.

iDrive Throttle Controller

The iDRIVE Throttle Controller from iDRIVE Australia is an award winning (SEMA 2018 Global Media Award) throttle response controller that allows you to increase the responsiveness of your vehicle’s throttle. The iDRIVE does this by providing new points of reference for your vehicles throttle mapping to either sharpen or dampen your vehicles throttle response. Introducing a sharper throttle curve has a range of benefits; from better throttle response, reduced throttle lag, better acceleration and improved overall driving experience.

Fleet Servicing

A regularly serviced fleet means less breakdowns, less downtime, and most importantly, no surprising costs. From log book to essential services and repairs – you can rely on expert mechanics to keep your business moving.

Minor/Major Services

Minor Service – change oil, change oil filter, check and top up all fluid levels, change operation of lights, wipers, horn etc., check brakes and and adjust handbrake, check tyres and air pressures and carry out a vehicle safety check.

Major Service – change oil, change oil filter, check and top up all fluid levels, replace air filter, check brakes and adjust handbrake, replace spark plugs, replace fuel filter and carry out a vehicle safety check.